First Day of Camp From the Mind of a Camper

The First Day of Camp From the Mind of a Camper


The first day of camp is bound to be a bit awkward. You’re meeting new people without knowing anyone there, or you’re seeing campmates that you haven’t seen in forever. That’s why it’s so important to make a good impression on the first day–that way you know you’re getting off to a good start for the rest of your summer. Even on the first day of summer camp you can already tell who you want to be your best friend this summer. That’s why it’s good to have an icebreaker for the first couple of days. What better icebreaker than bunk games!  


The first bunk game you want is a deck of cards. This seem like an obvious necessity for camp, but playing “Go Fish” can bring your bunk together. Don’t forget though, a 52 card deck isn’t the only cards that are fun for the bunk. “Spot It!” can be a nice change from the usual “War”.


Bunk games aren’t just restricted to card games though. Games like Tenzi and Bananagrams are perfect to get to know the people in your bunk. Keep in mind, these games aren’t just going to be used once and then thrown under the bed for the rest of the summer–you can play these games any time.


Another great bunk game is Mad Libs. Mad Libs is an amazing way to get the whole bunk laughing like hyenas. This also bring back fun memories of your first day at camp when it’s mid-December and you read one of your Mad Libs stories from last summer.


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